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“The most important aspect of Machine Learning is that it can solve complex problems that are next to impossible to solve with traditional development.”

Anthony Figueroa

CTO & Co – Founder of Rootstrap


Our Machine Learning techniques

are used to solve problems that

more traditional engineering approaches

are unable to solve.


Our models achieve this by studying computer algorithms while simultaneously improving automatically with data and experience.

By applying our Machine Learning techniques to real-life problems we help boost productivity, reduce costs, improve decision making, and discover innovative solutions and ideas for your business.

The possibilities of Machine Learning are endless so let us help you get started and stay ahead of the competition.

what our experts use to get the job done

Our Machine Learning Developers are powered by state-of-the-art cloud services, leveraging AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

ML Frameworks & Libraries:

Scikit-learn, pytorch, tensorflow, keras, Spark ML.

ML Lifecycle in AWS Cloud:

ECS, AWS lambda, EKS, Amazon SageMaker.

MLOps & Open Source Projects:

Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, MLFLow,  Kubeflow & Hugging Face.


A little insight into the innovative machine learning expertise used daily by our global team of Developers and Engineers


Nowadays we can find Machine Learning embedded in our day-to-day lives in search engines, self-driving cars, e-commerce, email spam filters, to name but a few.


The industries in which Machine Learning can prosper and its possibilities are endless. Machine Learning is not just one single entity. Instead, it consists of multiple techniques that are constantly expanding as the technology evolves.

As a result, Machine learning expertise and jobs are on the rise globally and it’s important for companies and startups to get ahead of the game and take advantage of every machine learning possibility available.

What Machine Learning Can Do For You

With Machine Learning you can reach your business potential through the magic of Data Science.

When you incorporate machine learning you have the ability to discover patterns and make better business decisions.

Processing data in real-time will help you identify the most profitable opportunities.

Diagram of AI


Deep learning is an effective Machine Learning technique that imitates the way the human brain works. This innovative machine learning technique can help process data and create patterns for effective decision-making.

This type of Machine Learning can help solve otherwise unapproachable problems, reduce costs, increase ROI and create new capabilities.

Many industry experts believe that Deep Learning will eventually become the tried and trusted backbone of Artificial Intelligence.



Machine Learning Gets The Best Value From Your Data


Traditional tools no longer have the ability to process large amounts of data constantly being generated. Rootstrap’s Machine Learning Engineers can help you understand your business data through the application of statistics and algorithms.

Our machine learning team will help you identify patterns and learn from your data to allow you to make educated business decisions. This can help bring new business opportunities, optimization, and deliver better services for your end-users.


As each business needs are different, we have successfully applied unique machine learning algorithms in different projects for our clients.

Rootstrap’s machine learning algorithms are applications that can automatically learn and improve from experience without human intervention. There are three types of Machine Learning algorithms:

Robot picking up AI


(1) Supervised Learning Algorithms

Supervised learning means teaching the model based on a labeled dataset. The labeled dataset has both input and output parameters. In supervised learning, we train and validate the datasets.

Let’s say you run an eCommerce store. We can develop a supervised learning algorithm that predicts what a customer will buy based on personal information and geolocation.

These supervised learning techniques can help determine if certain customers are interested in specific products. Once our rigorous testing shows an 80% accuracy rate, we could consider that successful.

Statistical Graphs


(2) Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

Unsupervised learning in machine learning work with unlabeled datasets, as opposed to supervised learning. This is achieved by giving the algorithm unsorted information and asking it to find similarities, patterns, and differences, all by itself.

What is an Unsupervised Learning example?

Let’s say you upload pictures of dogs and cats into a machine that has not previously seen these before. This machine has no idea what these images are, but it can categorize them into two groups based on their similarities, patterns, and differences. This is how unsupervised learning models work effectively.

Hands typing on Macbook


(3) Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Reinforcement learning means learning through trial and error. The machine learns behaviors that maximize reward in a particular situation. No labeled dataset is given like supervised learning. But the model learns from its experience.

For example, let’s say you play a video game where you move to certain places at certain times to earn points. The model will start by moving randomly. Over some time, through trial by error, it would know where to be and when to be there to get high rewards.

It learns from both positive and negative reinforcements. Positive reinforcement increases its strength. And it’s likely to do more of those behaviors that led to them. Negative reinforcements are events or actions that lead to errors, and it’ll learn to stop or avoid them.


We inform our clients about the available and best-suited Machine Learning Services for their needs.

Once we decide on the most appropriate machine learning model, we can either choose to build a model from scratch or utilize available services. We have a lot of machine learning services at our disposal and we don’t always have to start from scratch.

For example, if you’re building a chatbot, we can use Amazon Lex as it gives us deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for converting speech to text. This service also gives us natural language understanding (NLU), which helps your chatbot understand the intent of the text.

Amazon uses Lex to power Alexa – its popular virtual AI assistant. So, we can quickly build a chatbot with it. Amazon Lex is just one example. There are many other machine learning services available to developers and pre-trained models

For us, our clients are part of the development process. We educate them on the best ways to move forward.


We don’t spend hours, weeks, or months building a product to watch it run slow. For us, building the product is just half of the work. Making sure it runs smoothly is the other half. We manage our work throughout the process to make sure there is
perfect completion.

We ensure that your digital product works for people worldwide. Deploying regular applications is hard. Deploying a machine learning app is even harder. Regular applications are often written in one programming language.

Machine Learning applications are usually built with multiple languages, and they don’t always interact well with each other. Working with Rootstrap means you won’t have to worry about your product performance because we’ve got you covered from start to finish.


We don’t put security on the back burner. Our goal isn’t just to get the software to work. We also apply apply the best security practices when we develop apps for our clients.

Like most apps, AI (artificial intelligence) products could have vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The risks are even greater when you consider the fact that AI products collect more data than other technologies.

The best AI companies should explain if and how they deal with security in the early stages of development. If your AI technology is exploited and data is stolen, you may find it difficult to earn the trust of users.

Your AI app could potentially collect different kinds of data that users may not want others to have. That is why we take security seriously when developing an AI feature, product, or service for our clients.

Exceptional Data Science capabilities

Rootstrap’s Data Scientist team offers the necessary skills to adapt the vision for each specific business and extract data to meet the market needs. Experts are chosen to find the best match with the specific area of concern. We are strategic partners who aim to strengthen your team and grow your business.

We connect with your organization and

analyze your culture, process, and technology

to best define how to incorporate

Machine Learning.


We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. We strategize with our clients to generate the best possible performance for our algorithms.


Rootstrap can implement and run the necessary tools to support Machine Learning. We will work with you to reach your goals of providing the desired performance.

Continuous Life Cycle

Once the model is in production, we can monitor it to ensure its efficiency. Plus, support updates when new data is coming to provide automation of training and testing processes.

We help you discover value in your data and investigate in order to provide
better results.


Rootstrap’s collaborative and interdisciplinary team of experts can handle the most demanding sceneries and help you generate potential value. Our Machine Learning team will become your true business partner helping you find solutions every step of the way.

We have complete expertise in Computer Vision, Automation Tools, and Infrastructure Creation. We focus on business objectives and organizations’ needs while making sure we completely understand and serve your target market.

We understand the importance of security, you can trust us to safeguard your app against data breaches by incorporating our robust security and data privacy approaches.

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